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Six more weeks of Winter!!!!!

red-snowflake-hiIt is official the groundhog determines six more weeks of winter. Hats off to all our patients who braved the deep snow, wet rain, frozen streets, and frigid temperatures to keep their appointments through these trying months.

The seasons may change but our teeth still require  TLC all year long. Many patients have found using a great toothbrush, good brushing skills, and the right toothpaste, keeps their decay rate minimal. One of the brushes we recommend is the Oral B Electric tooth brush.

Features Of A Power Toothbrush

Simply stated, rechargeable electric toothbrushes (or “power” toothbrushes) provide superior plaque removal to regular manual toothbrushes. And because they provide the brushing action for you, many people find using power toothbrushes easier than using regular manual ones. Additionally, with so many different types and features available, it’s easy to find one that suits your specific oral health needs.

Superior Plaque Removal

According to a 2005 independent study, “Brushes that worked with a rotation oscillation action removed more plaque and reduced gingivitis more effectively than manual brushes in the short and long-term… No other powered brush designs were consistently superior…”* Oral-B pioneered this oscillating-pulsating and cupping power technology in 1991 and has incorporated it into its premium power toothbrush range ever since. Recently, it has also incorporated oscillating-rotating technology into entry tier (lower cost) options, like Oral-B Vitality.

Contact our west Edmonton dentist office if you would like to learn more about Electric Toothbrush options.


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