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Reaching out….. for our love of animals!

At Wolf Willow Dental… we love  our patients as much as we love our animals. Many of our staff have 4 legged loving members in their families, so it is an easy decision to want to help organizations that support, love and care for animals that need help. Recently a patient of ours, requested some much needed items, for a trip to Mexico, where she has volunteered numerous times to rescue and be a part of a solution to an overwhelming problem often seen across continents. Upon her return she provided us with a brief synopsis of her trip, and pictures we wanted to share.

“I wanted to thank  Dr. Erin and Wolf Willow Dental, for their generous donation of medical supplies, for a spay and neuter clinic I was volunteering with in Cancun, MX.  We spayed close to 900 dogs and cats over 5 days, so we have been successful in slowing down the overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats, and ultimately, helped to prevent more dogs and cats from a life of suffering on the streets.  The average lifespan of a dog in Mexico, is 2-4 years, this is a good indication of how difficult their life is there.  Here’s a few pics from the CANDI Clinic.” …Jannet Talbott

Dog clinic 1 Dog Clinic 2 dog clinic 3 dog clinic 4


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