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Alberta Dental Coverage Insurance – Knowing Your Policy and Plan


To All Our Patients:

  • Dental insurance coverage is a “personal coverage plan between you and your insurance company”
  • To find out more about our payment policies please contact our office.
  • The front end staff will complete all insurance forms and submit electronically if available.
  • Should you have any questions please direct them to the front desk staff
  • Please be advised we accept Cash, Cheque, Direct Debit, Visa, and Mastercard



Office Privacy Policy:

Your health information at

our dental practice


What you need to know . . .

Your health information at our clinic is protected under the Health Information Act of Alberta.

We will use your health information only to support the health services we provide to you:

Staff at the practice will only collect and use your information to:

    • provide your treatment and care,
    • verify your eligibility for health services,
    • conduct investigations or reviews of practice,
    • complete research under ethical review,
    • support health provider education, or
  • for internal management purposes, except in special family or emergency circumstances, you will be asked for your consent before we give your information to anyone other than another health agency involved in your care.


  • For more information, please ask at reception or call the practice Privacy Officer at Wolf Willow Dental
  • We will not disclose your health information to non-health care agencies without your consent.



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