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I have been going to see Dr. Desrosiers, for several years now, and find she is very  professional, and takes great care with her work, and patients.  I dislike getting my teeth worked on, but Dr. Desrosiers is so gentle, I hardly feel anything. My teeth were a mess when I first started seeing her, but now through her great work, and care, my teeth never looked, or felt better!!

                                                            Knoll, D


Dr. Banks and his staff are great! He is very thorough and the hygienist is careful / gentle while doing the teeth cleaning. A few of my teeth are very sensitive, so it’s greatly appreciated.

                                                            McIver, J


Dr Banks has been my dentist since 1991. I endorse him and his staff 100%. He’s taken care of cavities, crowns, bridge-work, whitening and teeth grinding. He is easy to talk to, and has given me advice about sensitive teeth, dry mouth, and the latest in available appliances.

Now that I’m a senior, I especially appreciate his staff setting up regular appointments for check-ups, celaning, x-rays; for being up to date with my insurance coverage; and for the phone calls reminding me of upcoming appointments.

Its all about courtesy and caring!

                                                            Toni R.  May 2013 


……I was fortunate enough to get referred to Dr. Erin by a coworker 26 years ago. I had just moved here and my children and myself needed a dentist, doctor and so on. A lady I worked with said she had a fantastic dentist she had been seeing. I had told her my dentist I had back home wasn’t very kind or compassionate and that I had experienced lots of pain during my dentist visits. She assured me I would not
have this issue. She herself had lots of issues with gum disease etc. and Dr. Erin had been terrific.
So I made an appointment and I have not looked back. He is thorough, kind and yes even funny. He explains EVERYTHING and explain what lies ahead. I have never experienced pain with him. He asks a thousand times per visit “are you ok”.
I never hesitate to recommend Dr. Erin to anyone. My girls found him very kind and gentle. If anyone is looking for a dentist I highly recommend him and may I say Debra is the best. When you call in and leave a message she answers your message with a sense of urgency and gets you in as soon as she can. The whole team there are wonderful. Don’t hesitate to call you will be glad you did (even those who are afraid of dentists.

A Loyal Patient                                                                                                     Faye P,  Jan 2013


… ” I have been a patient of Dr Erin’s for approximately 30 years. Unfortunately, I have had a significant amount of dental work done over the years; several cavities filled and old fillings replaced, many root canals and crowns, etc. I must say, even though at times the procedures weren’t all that pleasant, Dr Erin and his staff have always made my visits enjoyable. They are always very concerned about my comfort, whether it’s concern regarding my dental plan or by just finding me the remote for the T.V. or a magazine of interest. It’s always a pleasure to visit with staff members in his office. We have all shared our life experiences together over the years-discussions involving wedding plans, raising children, etc. I had my husband come to Dr Erin shortly after I met him (30 years ago) because he had had an unpleasant dental experience. He also has been very happy coming to this office-he enjoys the sense of humor of the personable staff as well. Of course my children have been patients of Dr Erin’s their whole life and I found it quite interesting to hear my little boys talk about how fun it was going to the dentist. We have lived outside of Edmonton approximately 20 years and could have easily found another dentist much closer; however it is worth the commute to visit Dr Erin’s office. Thank you very much Dr Erin and staff for 30 years of excellent dental care!…”

Skjel Family, July 2010


……. I have been a patient of Dr. Erin for over 25 years. I highly recommend him. He will explain your options in regards to the work to be performed. If you say no (as I once did) he respected my opinion without any anger. He apologizes each and every time for the “sting” of the needle when he injects the freezing always amazes me. He is very good about asking several times during the work if you are ok. He will inform, perhaps lecture, but never leave you in doubt that he cares and is offering his best advice for your oral care.

   Russ Ricky January  2013

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